Children of the post WW2
immigrants living in South Africa

by Angelo DeBoni

I'm the son of an Italian immigrant to South Africa. Born in 1973.

My father Bruno DeBoni was a builder. He arrived here I think in the 1950's. He helped build schools and other big public projects but purely as a laborer. A Greek man owned the company.

We struggled for many years and my father was a sullen, reserved and violent man. Somehow we survived and I ended up doing ok with my own business in SA. But we went through years of poverty and I nearly went into a life of crime. We lived in poverty for a few years as my father didn't take responsibility and left us. My family was helpful, but ultimately abandoned us. Big Italian families are not always as loving as the movies make out.

I am trying to write a book covering my life to show the experiences of a poor white Italian growing up in a country with such complex issues.


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