Italian Legacy Advertising Rates

We are currently accepting text and graphic ads for the category pages on our web site:


If you prefer a text link, please send us a sample of what you want your ad to say. You can either write:

(1) a standard ad with a headline and 1-4 sentences of sales copy (a stand-alone short paragraph)
(2) a one-sentence text link that will be included in one of our articles.


1. Standard Ad:

Budget Florence Accommodation 
For the best deals on hotels, hostels and apartments, either short- or long-term, visit our web site today.

2. Text Sentence:

The final sentence in our article might read "Florence is a city that requires a leisurely visit to enjoy its many attractions". This will be followed by your sentence and link: "To find inexpensive places to stay, visit Budget Florence Accommodation."


If you prefer graphics, we accept banners in the following sizes:

  • 160 pixels x 160 pixels

  • 468 pixels x 60 pixels


Our advertising rates are as follows:

  • $47 for 3 months (placement on 1 page)

  • $67 for 6 months (placement on 1-2 pages)

  • $87 for 12 months (placement on 1-3 pages)

If you're interested in one of these packages, please contact us via the Contact page.