Hotels In Italy:
An Easy Way To Search

When looking for hotels in Italy, or in any other country for that matter, it pays to keep in mind that you're in a foreign country, not at home, so there's no point in spending too much energy making comparisons.

Like anywhere, you can find excellent hotels in Italy, as well as accommodation that won't meet your expectations. Obviously it pays to do your homework before you leave, and the Internet is a perfect tool for this. You can research and organize much of your trip from your computer, a process that in the past required the services of a travel agent.

Get a recommendation

The best approach is still word of mouth. If you have friend who's discovered a quaint little pensione close to the center of the town you're visiting, providing you trust their judgment you can go online and book your stay. We've all had the experience of a hotel looking great in the brochure (or photos on the internet), only to find it's far more rundown or cramped in reality. So a recommendation from someone who's actually been there (hopefully recently) can ensure that you won't experience an unpleasant surprise when you arrive.

What's more important?

That being said, if you book a hotel in Italy and you're disappointed when you actually see it, you have a couple of options. If you really don't like it, you can spend the time and energy finding alternative accommodation; it's a good idea to bring the details of a couple of alternative locations with you in any case. The other option is to take a step back and ask yourself how important this is in the overall scheme of things. Did you come to Italy to enjoy a pretty hotel room, or are you there to enjoy all the delights the country has to offer?

We once stayed in a rundown pensione in Madrid whose saving grace was that it was close to the center of town. We were able to walk a couple of blocks and join the nightly street parties that lasted till the early hours of the morning. The room was spartan but clean, and we used it simply to sleep and take showers; then we were off again to enjoy the magic of the city. We could have wasted time looking for alternative accommodation, but we doubted we'd find a better location, and that was more important than the quality of the décor.

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