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Rex In Rome

Inspector Rex in Rome is the successor to an Austrian television series (Kommissar Rex) which ran from 1994 to 2004. The original series featured a smart and funny German Shepherd who worked with a homicide team to solve crimes in Vienna and the surrounding region. In 2004, two years into the third major cast change, the series was canceled, but was resurrected in 2008 with Rex transferring to Rome, Italy.

Inspector Rex in Rome, or simply Rex, starred Kaspar Capparoni as Lorenzo Fabbri and Fabio Ferri as his long suffering sergeant, Morini. The series was shot in both German and Italian and shown in many countries, although not initially the US and Canada.

Rex's Italian Team

Rex in Rome's lead actor, Kaspar Capparoni, was born in Rome in 1964 to an Austrian mother and an Italian father. Physically attractive in the Steve McQueen/Daniel Craig mold, he made a convincing hero. Capparoni became a stage actor at 18, later moving on to Italian television, primarily in soap operas and mini series. In 2008, he began filming the Italian version of Inspector Rex, under the direction of Marco Serafini.

As in the original series, the most enjoyable scenes in Series 9 to 11 are the domestic ones involving Rex and his master. Capparoni projects a effortless rapport with the dog, offering some priceless facial expressions when dealing with his willful companion. As always, Rex has a mind of his own and is very inventive in achieving his objectives.

Fabio Ferri's character, Morini, is a likeable sidekick, often naive in his snap judgments but always willing to learn. The banter between him and his boss, Fabbri, is always entertaining, even if the lower-ranking Morini usually gets the short end of the stick. Gorgeous Pilar Abbela, as the predatory forensics scientist Katia Martelli, creates some romantic tension in her relentless pursuit of the reluctant Inspector Fabbri. And Augusto Zucchi plays Fabbri's dog-intolerant supervisor, Fillipo Gori.

Ongoing Cast Changes 

In May 2010 Kaspar Capparoni left the series and was replaced by Italian actor Ettore Bassi. Bassi completed the next two seasons (12 and 13), then left in 2012. A charismatic actor, Bassi had a great rapport with Nik, the dog currently portraying Rex.

The 2013 season stars Francesco Arca as Rex's new master.

rex in rome series 12
Series 12
rex in rome series 13
Series 13

Rex And His Trainer

Inspector Rex in Rome features an American dog named Henry. Like his two predecessors in the Austrian series, Henry is trained by American Teresa Ann Miller. In her capable hands, Henry/Rex pulls off some amazing stunts, from leaping off a bridge onto a moving ferry to feeding fish to a dolphin. Teresa has a facebook page and a Yahoo group, and personally responds to comments and queries from group members. There are some great photos on her facebook page.

Henry retired in 2010 and was replaced by Nik.

English Subtitles

Thankfully, SBS, the Australian multicultural television network, created English subtitles before broadcasting each series of Inspector Rex in Rome. Even among those of Italian ancestry, few know enough of the language to follow the fast paced delivery of Fabbri and Morini, although the hand gestures and facial expressions are almost enough to allow us to follow the stories. But not quite, so subtitles help fill the gaps. All the Italian DVDs mentioned on our site have English subtitles courtesy of SBS.

Important Notice:

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Rex Season 9
Episodes 1-8

Rex Season 10
Episodes 1-11

Rex Season 11
Episodes 1-12

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