Italian Design

As with their art, Italians have always enjoyed a stellar reputation in the design arena. The term 'Italian design' encompasses a wide range of creative endeavors, from fashion to furniture. Here are a few of the categories of Italian design that have caught the attention of an international clientele:

Italian Fashion

While Milan is considered the Italian fashion capital, many of Italy's top designers hail from other regions. Valentino began his career in Florence, before descending on Paris to conquer the French fashion world. Gianni Versace was born in Calabria, and Domenico Dolce, of Dolce and Gabbana fame, is a native of Sicily. Along with Giorgio Armani, Guccio Gucci and countless others, they have made the term Italian fashion synonymous with style and flair.

Related categories include Italian shoes, Italian handbags, purses and luggage, Italian sunglasses, Italian lingerie and Italian jewelry, all of which are highly sought after by fashionistas worldwide.

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Italian Cars

The Italian automobile industry produces some of the most prestigious sports cars on the planet. Think Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini. While Fiat dominates the car industry nationally, the sports car manufacturers have a 'sexier' image, attracting high-income clients and celebrities. Italian race cars were traditionally painted race red (or rosso corsa), which was the customary national racing color of Italy.

Related categories would include Italian motorcycles, dominated by Ducati, Italian bicycles, and the Italian Vespa, which has been regaining popularity after a decades-long slump in sales.

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Italian Interiors

Italian-designed kitchen and bathroom fittings are in great demand worldwide. These include counter tops, cabinets, wall units, tiles and tap fittings, as well as soft furnishings such as curtains, wallpaper and rugs. Floor coverings such as Italian marble and wood are also popular.

Italian dinnerware and glassware enjoy a high demand.

Italian Furniture

Popular Italian furniture includes bedroom suites and closets, bar furniture, living room furniture such as couches, chairs and coffee tables, dining room suites, bookshelves and doors.

Italian office furniture is also highly regarded.