Italian TV: Our Favorite
Italian Television Programs

We are currently putting together reviews of popular Italian TV programs that are now available on DVD. Thanks to SBS, Australia’s multicultural TV network, Australian viewers have been treated to some of Europe's most popular television programs, complete with English subtitles. It's been a real boon for me in my quest to explore modern Italian culture. And now many of these subtitled Italian TV favorites are available on DVD.

Here are some of the best Italian TV series available with English sub-titles:

Commissario Rex
(Inspector Rex in Rome)

rex in romeAustria's most famous canine detective transfers to Rome. [Click here for more details.]

Don Matteo
Series 4

don matteoAn Italian Father Brown style whodunnit featuring Terence Hill as the inquisitive parish priest. [Click here for more details.]

Il Commissario Montalbano
(Inspector Montalbano)

montalbanoMovie-length adaptations of Andrea Camilleri's acclaimed novels. [Click here for more details.]

La Piovra
(The Octopus)

la piovra - the octopusAn epic dramatization of the Italian authorities' fight against the Mafia in Sicily. [Click here for more details.]

A short-lived but enjoyable series about a Tuscan policeman and his beautiful crime fighting dog. Dubbed "The Italian Inspector Rex" before Rex relocated to Rome. We've been unable to source DVDs with subtitles other than in Australia.

We'll add other Italian TV programs to the page as they become available on DVD with English subtitles.

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