How Would You Like A
Cooking Vacation In Italy?

The easiest way to define a cooking vacation is to describe one.

So picture this scenario...

You wake up in the morning to a rooster crowing and the muffled tones of people greeting each other as they begin their day. But the odd thing is that they're speaking a foreign language. You recognize a few words of Italian, and, with a smile on your face, remember that you're staying at a farm in Tuscany.

Tuscany cooking vacationYou get dressed and join your fellow guests for breakfast. They come from countries around the world but what you have in common is your love of good food and your desire to learn authentic Tuscan cooking. You're all excited by the fact that you'll be learning from a professional chef from one of the local restaurants.

You spend your day exploring the glorious Tuscan countryside with your hosts and fellow guests. One of your expeditions is to the local produce markets where you'll select the ingredients for the meal you'll prepare that evening.

Your cooking lessons are laughter-filled occasions where you learn from the master in the casual atmosphere of the farmhouse kitchen. When the feast is ready, you join your hosts and fellow guests at a large table under the stars and enjoy the meal you're created.

This is just one type of cooking vacation you can enjoy in Italy. You can make it part of a larger vacation or book it as a complete package. Learning to cook regional Italian cuisine in the actual setting where it evolved is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It's the perfect combination of travel and learning, and what better way is there to learn a new skill?

Here's a short list of places that offer cooking vacations in Italy:

  1. Stile Mediterraneo Italian Cooking Courses
    Join Cinzia and Marika on a cooking and wine tour in beautiful Puglia.

  2. Cooking Vacations International – Italy
    Cooking vacations in Italy, including Tuscany, the Amalfi coast, Sicily and Sardinia. The site also offers tailor-made programs.

  3. Delicious Italy
    Enjoy a cooking holiday in northern, central or southern Italy or select a food and wine tour by region.

  4. Mama Margaret Italian Cooking Schools
    Cooking, wine and walking tours in Piedmont (Italy), the Riviera, Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria and Le Marche.

  5. Cook Italy
    Italian Cooking Vacations in Bologna and Tuscany. Choose from one-day classes to six-night custom culinary vacations.

  6. Italian Cookery Course in Tuscany
    Our cooking school in Tuscany was voted one of the Top Ten cookery schools in Europe. Learn classic Tuscan dishes or four of the most popular cuisines in Europe and North Africa.

  7. Cooking in Tuscany
    Choose from seven cooking tours or book a custom-tailored cooking trip.

  8. Mami Camilla Cooking Vacation
    Mami Camilla is a small, high-quality school dedicated to providing an outstanding study abroad experience in traditional regional culinary arts. The family takes great pride in providing students and guests with a comfortable place to stay and experience the culture of Naples/Sorrento.

  9. The International Kitchen
    How would you like to spend a week in the Tuscan countryside, learning to cook the Tuscan way from a warm and enthusiastic Italian chef? A leading provider of cooking school vacations to Italy, France and Spain since 1994.

  10. FranSicile
    Learn to cook the best Sicilian food. Choose from five Sicilian food and wine tours.