The New Zealand Italians

The history of the New Zealand Italians was handed down through family stories until 1992, when Wellington's Club Garibaldi published a history of Italian migration to the Wellington region.

new zealand italians - alla fine del mondoThe author was Paul Elenio, and the title chosen was Alla Fine Del Mondo – To the Ends of the Earth.

The 92-page book features stories and photographs of the intrepid families who made the long journey from the Aeolian Islands off Sicily's north coast in search of a better life for themselves and their children.

It chronicles a familiar story of chain migration, which led to the establishment of the Wellington fishing industry and a range of small businesses that serviced the Italian population and changed the landscape of Wellington forever.

A second book, Famiglie Strombolani, was published in 2000.

Alla Fine Del Mondo was out of print until recently, but you can now order copies from this web site:

Island Bay Little Italy.

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