Rome Pictures

Choosing our favorite Rome pictures gave rise to an interesting question. Which Rome should we focus on – ancient Rome, modern Rome, the Rome of artists and sculptures, the Vatican? In the end, our selection offers a little of each, with ancient images predominating, as befits a city whose history spans over 2,000 years.

Rome is one of those cities that rests on layers of its previous incarnations. Its foundations are riddled with catacombs and ruins, only a fraction of which have seen the light of day. It's a fascinating place to visit, where past and present collide in a delightfully chaotic way.

rome pictures 3
The Colosseum

rome pictures 1
The Forum

rome pictures 2
The Vatican

rome pictures 4
Roman Sculptures

rome pictures 5
The Colosseum Gate

rome pictures 6
The Trevi Fountain

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