Favorite Salina Pictures

Salina is an island that lies four kilometers to the northwest of Lipari, in the magical Aeolian Islands archipelago. The island casts a unique silhouette against the horizon - it features two mountain peaks separated by a small valley. From the air it looks like two volcanoes joined at the base, which explains its ancient nickname Gemella, meaning 'twin'.

Salina is divided into three municipalities - Santa Marina, Malfa and Leni. The locals cultivate vines, fruit tree, olives and capers, and the island is famous for its Malvasi wine.

Elio Benenati has graciously shared his photos from a recent trip to Salina:

salina pictures 1
View of Lipari from Salina

salina pictures 2
Pollara, near Malfa

salina pictures 3
Lingua, near Santa Marina

salina pictures 4
View from Punta Perciatu

salina pictures 5
Il Laghetto di Lingua

salina pictures 6
Punta Perciatu

salina pictures 7
View of Neighboring Islands

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