How To Study In Italy

Ever wanted to study in Italy? Whether you're a full-time student, or someone with a passion for Italian art, cooking, or the language, there are countless programs that will allow you to study your favorite subject in Italy.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Study Abroad Programs: Italy

Global Student Experience (GSE) is a dedicated team of study abroad enthusiasts, devoted to spreading the benefits of international education to U.S. college and university students. GSE offers summer, quarter, semester, and academic year study abroad programs in Florence and Rome.

If you're a hobbyist, here are some learning vacation packages that may appeal:

Art & Painting Vacations

Whether you're just learning to paint or draw, or you're an accomplished artist, an art vacation in Italy can inspire you to hone your talent in some of the world's most famous landscapes.

To find out what kind of art vacations are currently available, visit our Study Art in Italy page.

Cooking Vacations

Another amazing vacation experience is the Italian cooking vacation. Combining a holiday in a romantic Italian location with learning to cook some of the tastiest dishes imaginable is an excellent way for food lovers to have the best of both worlds.

To find out what kind of cooking vacations are currently available, visit our Italian Cooking Vacation page.